Tripura’s Partnership with CIP in Potato Seed Production

The Global Plant Cryopreservation Initiative (GPCI) promises to help change this. By initially establishing three regional cryopreservation hubs, expanding capacity at key genebanks, and developing a truly global cryopreservation network, the initiative seeks to expand the number and quality of collections in cryo facilities. This would greatly strengthen global preservation efforts and provide a critical back-up for collections conserving the genetic diversity of vegetatively propagated crops.

As David Ellis, former head of the genebank at the International Potato Center (CIP), and a recipient of the Crop Trust Legacy Award, explained in the most recent GROW webinar, a global cryo network is urgently needed as over 100,000 accessions of some humanity’s most important crops are at risk in in vitro and field collections worldwide. After the webinar, we connected with him to delve deeper into the Global Plant Cryopreservation Initiative.

An Initiative to Save Cryopreserved Crop Collections, Forever

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