Vietnam gets new potato varieties

Media: Fresh Plaza

Vietnam has just welcomed a new potato variety HCIP210 developed through a public-private partnership. This breakthrough is part of the TAP5 project entitled “The collaborative breeding of five tropically adapted potato varieties”, an initiative that has been combining the strengths of public and private sectors to accelerate potato breeding and selection processes, and it’s just the beginning of something truly remarkable.

Traditionally, developing a new potato variety takes anywhere from 10 to 12 years. But thanks to the collaborative efforts of the TAP5 project, Vietnam has witnessed the birth of HCIP210 in just eight years. This cream-fleshed potato variety has many benefits, including high yield potential, adaptability to various conditions, and robust resistance to late blight and viruses like PVY and PVX. What’s more, it boasts an extended dormancy period of over 120 days, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality ware potatoes long after the harvest season.

Vietnam gets new potato varieties

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