An exhibition to celebrate the potato in its day, May 30

The exhibition was presented in Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy last year.

The potato is the third most important food crop in the world, after rice and wheat. “The Odyssey of the Potato” tells the story of the history, evolution and global impact of the potato as well as its historical, cultural and economic importance, and its impact on biodiversity, highlighting the role of the native potato varieties that grow in the Andes.

The exhibition was designed by the International Potato Center and staged with the support of the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now, thanks to the cooperation of the main National Public Library, the people of Lima will be able to appreciate this enlightening journey through the history of one of the main foods of the modern world.

May 26-June 9
Great Public Library of Lima
Av Abancay block 4