Development of Nutrient Rich Value-added Biscuit through Incorporation of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Puree

Abstract— In Bangladesh bakery and confectionery industry has become almost self-sufficient in
meeting the local demand. But the products produce from the factories cannot fulfill nutritional demand
of the people of Bangladesh as wheat flour is the main ingredient of the bakery products. Orange
Fleshed Sweetpotato is a promising root crop due to high beta carotene content and other vitamins and
minerals could be used to reduce the gap of nutritional demand. The experiment was conducted with
four BARI (Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute) released orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties
and a local cultivar at the GUK’s ‘Super Tasty Food’ Products Factory, Nashratpur, Gaibandha,
Bangladesh during 2020-21 cropping season. The aim of the study was to develop nutrient rich valueadded biscuit for the consumers. Eleven treatments (formulations) were used to develop biscuit. The
highest amount of beta carotene content was recorded in T4 treatment (1.67 mg/100g) followed by T9
treatment (0.84 mg/100g) and the lowest was obtained from T11 treatment (0.01 mg/100g). Maximum
amount of vitamin C detected in T5 treatment (1.81 mg/100g) which was statistically similar to T1
treatment (1.74 gm/100g) and no Vitamin C was found in T11 treatment. Zinc content found maximum
in T11 treatment (2.04 mg/100g) while the lowest was observed in T5 treatment (1.12 mg/100g). The
highest amount of iron was recorded in T3 treatment (6.52 mg/100g) which is significantly similar to
treatment T2 (6.43 mg/100g) and T8 (6.09 mg/100g), respectively. The entire sensory attributes of valueadded biscuit were accepted as fair to very good and have no remarkable difference from traditional
biscuits (T11). The overall acceptability of the biscuit was found to be highest in T9 treatment (good to
very good).

Citation: Hossain, M.; Heck, S.; Chanda, D.; Rahaman, E.H.M.S.; Mahmood, S.; Kabir, M.H. 2022. Development of Nutrient Rich Value-added Biscuit through Incorporation of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Puree. International Journal of Environment Agriculture and Biotechnology. ISSN: 2456-1878.7(3), 073-078.
Southern Asia