Annual Report 2022 | Social media toolkit

Annual Report 2022 | Social media toolkit

We are delighted to present the 2022 International Potato Center (CIP) Annual Report, a testament to our unwavering commitment to catalyzing change for prosperity, resilience, and health in the world of root and tuber crops (RTCs). It also showcases our work on hybrid sweetpotatoes, biofortified potatoes, and leadership in cryopreservation at our Genebank, which has garnered acclaim.

We invite you to share the report and its stories with your partners, funders, stakeholders and other contacts.

This social media toolkit serves as a guide to help you drive online conversations about #CIPAR22 on your social media channels.


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@Cipotato’s 2022 annual report is out, highlighting our journey in catalyzing change for prosperity, resilience, and health.

Dive into stories of innovation, resilience, and transformative change. Together, we’re shaping a healthier future!



@Cipotato’s 2022 annual report is now live, showcasing our commitment to transforming agriculture for prosperity, resilience, and health. Explore stories of innovation and collaboration.

Let’s build a healthier and more prosperous future!


Explore @Cipotato’s 2022 annual report, a testament to our dedication to catalyzing change in agriculture .

From climate-resilient crops to biofortified sweetpotatoes , we’re creating a brighter, healthier future. Join us on this inspiring journey!

Delving into the future of food security!

Learn about the Latin America Cryo-network, a pioneering initiative uniting 14 nations to safeguard the genetic diversity of clonal crops like potato and cassava through advanced cryopreservation.


Innovating for the future!
Explore the Latin America Cryo-network, a collaborative effort of 14 nations, safeguarding the genetic diversity of clonal crops through cutting-edge cryopreservation.
A giant leap toward global food security.

Meet CIP-Matilde: The superhero potato fighting late blight in Peru!

Learn how this new variety is boosting yields by 10%, enhancing livelihoods, and securing food in the Andes. A triumph in agricultural innovation!


Seeds of Change: @Cipotato’s Mathilde is not just a spud; she’s a game-changer in the fight against late blight!

Dive into the story of how genetic keys from the past are unlocking a resilient future for smallholder farmers.


India’s potato seed sector is undergoing a revolution!

Meet Apical Rooted Cuttings (ARC) technology, a game-changer empowering farmers, boosting yields, and reshaping agricultural landscapes.


Seed production in the hands of farmers!

Discover the impact of Apical Rooted Cuttings (ARC) technology in Haryana, Meghalya, and Karnataka .

Changing the seed sector dynamics for a more sustainable and resilient future.



@Cipotato and Plant Village join forces to empower farmers with a virtual extension agent app .
Real-time advice, weather patterns, soil health, and market connections – transforming potato farming and agro economics.

@Cipotato and Plant Village redefine agriculture with a virtual extension agent app .

Empowering potato farmers in Kenya and beyond with real-time advice, disease management, and market connections.


Sweet Recovery is turning orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes into a lifeline in drought-affected Southern Madagascar!

Learn how this project is empowering communities and fighting Vitamin A deficiency.


Orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes are the key to a brighter nutritional future in Madagascar.

Sweet Recovery is sowing seeds of change, empowering communities, and fighting malnutrition.



Sweetpotatoes are proving to be a lifeline in challenging conditions.

With over 30 million cuttings distributed in northern Uganda, @Cipotato is empowering communities, providing nutrition, and reducing poverty.


Explore the journey of orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes in Uganda!

From nutrition education to livelihood programs, @Cipotato and partners are making a difference in displaced and host communities.



The 2022 @Cipotato Annual Report is now available!

Explore our commitment to catalyzing change for prosperity, resilience, and health in agriculture . From climate-resilient crops to biofortified sweetpotatoes, join us on a journey of innovation and impact.

Together, let’s build a healthier and more prosperous future for communities worldwide .


Discover the first story of @Cipotato Annual Report!

Dive into the Latin America Cryo-network, where 14 nations join hands to create a secure future for clonal crops using cryopreservation.

Discover the impact on food security and biodiversity.



Introducing Mathilde, the superhero potato reshaping agriculture in Peru!

Developed by CIP and INIA, Mathilde fights late blight, boosting yields by 10%. Join us in celebrating sustainable farming, resilience, and a brighter future for smallholder farmers!


Breaking ground in India’s potato seed sector with Apical Rooted Cuttings (ARC) technology!

Explore how this low-cost, high-impact innovation empowers farmers, boosts yields, and transforms livelihoods.


@Cipotato and Plant Village join forces to introduce a virtual extension agent app , empowering potato farmers across Africa.

From disease diagnosis to market connections, this tool is transforming agro economics.

Join the digital ag revolution!


Sweet Recovery is bringing the orange-fleshed sweetpotato revolution to Southern Madagascar!

Explore how this project is not only reviving sweetpotato production in 80,000 households but also tackling Vitamin A deficiency.

Discover the transformative journey here!


Discover how orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes are creating a lifeline for displaced communities in Uganda.

This innovative breeding program goes beyond emergency aid, providing nutrition and income, and empowering people to grow their own food.