To review the requirements and application process, please click here.

To review the requirements and application process, please click here:

Internships are classified as follows:


According Peruvian Law N° 28518 there are two internships modalities:

  • Pre–Professional: Is directed to last cycle university students who want to improve their professional skills and knowledge by a practical experience to be performed in a real work situation.
  • Professional: Is directed to graduate students before obtaining their professional degree allowing them to gain practical experience.

In both cases, the duration of the internship is for 3-6 months with a possible extension for up to one year.

Type of internships Brief description Period
Pre-professional and Professional Internship These are learning experiences for Peruvian undergraduate students or recent graduates. 3 to 12-month



International Internships are for students on research practicum, seeking to obtain short-term experience. Students should be registered in a foreign university and this could help fulfill their semester or year abroad requirements while based at CIP – Lima. These internships are non-paid by CIP. Therefore, interns must come with own funds.

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Type of internships Brief description Period
International Student Internship Students that want to conduct an internship, thesis work, or special practice. To be determined by CIP and educational organization.


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