Competition for the Recruitment of Annual Statutory Auditors for the International Potato Center (CIP) at India office.

CIP is established as a Liaison Office under regulation with the Reserve Bank of India to carry out research programs to increase the production and productivity of potato and sweet-potato at the national level in cooperation with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), and its associated research institutes working on potato (CPRI) and sweet-potato (CTCRI). Collaborate with universities and international research organizations to advance agricultural innovations in India and the region.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Audit for CIP India office.
  • Advisory for all legal matters related to income tax, RBI and other government departments.
  • Consultants/ partners for getting proper functioning of operations of organisation in India with proper channel.

You will be finding the TORS, and other documents in the annex: Request for Recruitment of Annual Statutory Auditors for CIP.

We assume that you will have consultations so please send them through email to

We appreciate your participation.

Ximena Ganoza
Title: Logistics Senior Manager

Arun Gugnani
Title: Finance and Operations Specialist



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