Request for proposal: Purchase of Cryotank and Accesories

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to receive proposals from firms who believe that they have the qualifications to provide the following products:

  • 01 Cryotank: Model MVE Fusion 1500 Series. Capacity: 31200 Cryovials (2mL) Manufacture: Chart
  • 20 Racks for 100 Vial Cryoboxes.
  • 16 Mini Racks for 25 Vial Cryoboxes.
  • 260 Standard Cryoboxes. Capacity: 100 Cryovials 2 mL.
  • 208 Mini Cryoboxes. Capacity 25 Cryovials 2 mL.
  • Back Up Batery.
  • Cryotank on Wheels.
  • Stairs must be included.

International Potato Center is committed to including diverse firms (and those who value diversity and inclusion) in its sourcing and procurement activities.

Publications dates

End date: May 02, 2022

Ximena Ganoza