Request for proposal: CIP Uganda Office – DigiEye System – Purchase for Kampala

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to receive proposals from firms who believe that they have the qualifications to provide the following equipment:  DigiEye System for CIP – Uganda, on DAP (Delivery at Place), Incoterm 2020, Uganda office. CIP is committed to including diverse firms (and those who value diversity and inclusion) in its sourcing and procurement activities.

Proposals must address each item listed, giving specific details of techniques to be used in achieving these requirements. Proposals may be rejected if minimum requirements are not met. All proposers wishing clarification of this RFP must submit questions by email to CIP no later than June 18, 10:00 UTC.  to the attention of Ximena Ganoza.

Publications dates

End date: June 24,2020

Ximena Ganoza
Logistics Senior Manager