Potato and Sweetpotato in Africa: Transforming the Value Chains for Food and Nutrition Security


Potato and sweetpotato are two important crops in the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas portfolio and of rapidly increasing importance in sub-Saharan Africa. As highly versatile nutritionally rich crops they can contribute both to income generation and improving food security in the continent and contribute to addressing climate change.


Capturing the recent advances made in tackling the bottlenecks facing potato and sweetpotato value chains, this newly published book reviews six main themes. It begins with recent advances in breeding, before addressing potato and sweetpotato seed systems, disease and crop management, and innovations in marketing, processing and value chain management.



sweepototo. Photo by A. Jasho/CIP


Concluding by comprehensively reviewing the literature on nutritional value and product acceptance, it forms a complete reference on recent research concerning potato and sweetpotato in Africa for researchers of agricultural economics, international development and tropical agriculture. Also covering policies for germplasm exchange, food security and trade, this book provides a valuable roadmap for private sector companies and public sector actors looking to invest in the crops.


The book was edited by Jan Low, International Potato Center, Kenya, Moses Nyongesa, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, Sara Quinn and Monica Parker, both International Potato Center, Kenya. The International Potato Center is the lead center of RTB.


You can order the book at a 20% discount online here by entering the code CCPSA20 at the checkout.

Both CIP and RTB will be showcasing recent research advancements for root and tuber crops, including potato and sweetpotato, at the upcoming World Congress on Root and Tuber Crops from 18 – 22 January 2016 in Nanning, China.



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