CIP Ethics

We are committed to always doing the right thing. CIP’s Code of Conduct summarizes expected behaviors for all employees across the organization.  We will conduct business fairly, impartially, in an ethical manner, and in complete compliance with the law. Our business conduct must be guided by the highest level of integrity when dealing with our customers, suppliers, local communities, and employees.

Maintaining high integrity and establishing an ethical culture requires a team effort involving the participation and support of every employee. We will promote a trustworthy and honest work atmosphere to reinforce the vision of these ethics within our organization. Regular business matters that do not require anonymity should be directed to the employee’s supervisor and should not be submitted using this service.

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Code of Conduct
Whistleblower Policy

Policy to Prevent Sexual Harassment

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How to Submit a Report

  • Phone – US & Canada: 833-490-0007
  • Phone – Peru: 0800-78317
  • Phone – Kenya: 0800-221-421
  • Phone – China (Mandarin): 400-120-9050
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: (215) 689-3885

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your anonymity will be protected to the extent possible by the law and Lighthouse will never divulge your identity to your employer without your permission.

Yes.  Reports sent by email, web or fax allow for this option.

Yes.  You are encouraged to provide Lighthouse with your contact information so Lighthouse can contact you on our behalf if additional information is needed.

f you have questions about the status of your report, please contact the hotline toll-free phone number and  provide your report number.

Lighthouse is an independent provider that assists your organization to identify improper activity. We are committed to protecting the identity of all persons who use our secure reporting system. Reports are submitted by Lighthouse to the organization’s designee, and may or may not be investigated at the sole discretion of the organization. Although we will not disclose your identity without your express permission, it is possible that your identity may be discovered during an investigation of the matter reported because of information you have provided.

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