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Launch of the microwave processing technology for aseptic sweetpotato puree – Kenya

The sweetpotato crop has gained prominence as a food security crop due to its short growth cycle and ability to survive in diverse agro-ecologies. It is a low-input crop with a stable yield even under sub-optimal growing conditions, where important cereal food crops do not grow. Its diverse use in the processing industry has created more demand for the crop in Africa.

Over the last few years, the International Potato Center (CIP) has promoted the use of orange-fleshed sweetpotato puree technology in the processing industry. The puree provides a cheaper and more nutritious alternative replacing up to 50% of wheat in baked and fried products and saving processors up to 20% in costs. It is already in use by supermarket outlets and processors in Kenya, to make diverse sweetpotato products like bread and buns and by other small-scale informal vendors making chapati. With the current global wheat crisis, the demand for the puree is growing and now with its use in neighboring countries like Uganda, Ethiopia and Malawi, the demand increased.

In 2019, under the Development and Delivery of Bio-fortified crops at Scale (DDBIO) project, funded by the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) of the United Kingdom; CIP partnered with North Carolina State University (NCSU), a US based company SinnovaTek, LLC and a Kenyan company Burton & Bamber Co. Ltd (B&B) to establish the first continuous-flow microwave system for sweetpotato purée production in Kenya. CIP supported B&B’s acquisition of microwave aseptic purée processing and packaging equipment from SinnovaTek, while providing technical training in sweetpotato purée production. The unit is the first of it its kind in the East Africa region and will be able to support processors’ access more shelf-stable puree, that can be stored for up to 12 months on the shelf without refrigeration.

This microwave processing technology will officially be launched on 25th October 2022 at Burton and Bamber Factory, in Sofia, Machakos county.


Tuesday, 25 October 2022
9:00 – 14:00


Keziah Githae


In-person event

Director, Burton & Bamber co. ltd.

Regional Director for Africa
International Potato Center

C.E.O SinnovaTek

Sweetpotato Program Leader
International Potato Center

Sweetpotato Program Coordinator
International Potato Center

HCDA Director
Keynote Speaker

Founder Christian Impact Mission

Welcoming of guests
Joyce Maru

Opening prayer
Bishop Titus Masika, Founder Christian Impact Mission

Introduction to B&B
Ofelia Burton, B&B Director

OFSP value chain development in Kenya
Paul Demo, Regional Director for Africa, CIP

Development and Delivery of new Biofortified crops at scale (DDBio) project
Simon Heck, Sweetpotato Program Leader, CIP

Microwave technology
Michael Druga, SinnovaTek President

B&B Farm to Fork video

Speech by KIFST Director
David Mworia

Key-note speech by HCDA Director
Benjamin Tito (Representative-Josephine)

OFSP Product Showcase
Chef Arnold Mwala

Plant tour: Showcase of the OFSP Puree processing line
Molly Abende, B&B Production Manager

Ribbon cutting
Guest of honour (HCDA)

Vote of thanks
Joyce Maru

Lunch & Networking
Joyce Maru

Launch of the microwave processing technology for aseptic sweetpotato puree – Kenya