Productivity in a Time of Pandemics: 2020 GAP Report Launch

Via Zoom

Pandemic-scale disease and pest outbreaks sicken and kill people, livestock, and crops with alarming frequency. The 2020 Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report) from the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences explores the impact of disease and pest outbreaks on agricultural productivity, food security and nutrition, livelihoods, and environmental sustainability. For this virtual GAP Report Launch, we will travel to Kenya, Burkina Faso, India, Peru, and the U.S. to hear from agricultural producers and researchers on the front lines of battling the pandemic-scale outbreaks threatening our agriculture systems. We will also reveal the updated Global Agricultural Productivity Index™ (GAP Index™) and discuss its implications for the resilience of our food and agriculture systems.


October 12, 2020
8:00 AM – 8:45 AM (GMT-5)


Ann Steensland
Global Agricultural Productivity Initiative, Virginia Tech



Special guests