Open Data Competition 2021

Following the success of previous Data Sprints, we are launching our fourth Open Access Competition, this time focusing mainly on the use of digital tools for data collection.


Our goal is to have 100 new datasets for 2021, quality assured, and properly annotated datasets in CIP’s Dataverse repository.

The Open Access competition will run until December 3rd, 2021. The announcement of winners will be on the second week of December.


  • All datasets published by CIP staff during the period of March 1st 2021 to December 3th 2021 will be eligible.
  • Datasets need to be quality checked, include complete metadata and well-defined variables (see Publishing Research Data)

Competition Rules:

  • Authors will receive one point for every qualified dataset submitted to CIP’s Dataverse. For datasets with multiple data authors, each author receives one point.
  • Authors with datasets that have been collected with digital tools will receive an extra point.
  • Authors with datasets that underpins journal articles will receive an extra point.


  • Researcher authors with most score -first and second place- will receive funding to cover the cost of one open access article and 1 slot for Coursera training.
  • The Program with most datasets will receive funding for two open access articles and 5 slots for Coursera training.
  • The Program in second place will receive funding for one open access article and 3 slots for Coursera training.

Note. Training slots refers to one year access for Coursera courses related to data science, analytics and others. Funding for open access need to be processed before February 2022.


If you have any questions about the competition, please contact Henry Juarez ( from the Digital Strategy & Data Management Unit.

We encourage you to embrace open access and open data in your daily work, so we can reach our goal to be fully open access.