C88 popularity in Southwest China

Cooperation-88 (C88) is a high yielding CIP cultivar. Owing to durable late blight resistance and excellent vegetative growth, production of C88 has exploded in the 15 years since its release.

The high-quality tuber garners a premium price in markets, and C88 is the preferred cultivar of the potato-chip industry. Current estimates place the total area under production at 390,000 ha in Yunnan and neighboring provinces, making C88 one of the most widely grown cultivars in the world today.

“This [C88] potato has become so popular that in some regions, ‘Cooperation 88’ has actually become synonymous with, or even replaced, the Chinese word for potato,” says Peter VanderZaag, who established seven CIP projects in China in the 1980s.

CIP’s cooperation 88 has become one of the most widely grown potatoes in the world.