CIP to take part in Mountains and Water Pavilion, emblematic issues in COP20

“Voices for the Climate” will be open to the public on the same days as the COP20, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the Peruvian Jockey Club in the district of Surco. It will reflect the diversity of initiatives that have been put forward in different parts of the world to address climate change, and it will place emphasis on the five emblematic issues that have been prioritized in the internal agenda of Peru, the host country for the negotiations, among them the issue of Mountains and Water.

CIP has been helping the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment and other organizers to prepare the Mountains and Water Pavilion, which seeks to position the mountain ecosystems and populations and water as essential elements for sustainable development in a context of climate change. Our institution has focused on the sub-theme of Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Food Security. The other sub-themes of the Pavilion are: Water, Glaciers and Basins; Linking Climate Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change for the Sustainable Development of the Mountains; and, Mountain Goods and Services, Investment and Beneficiaries.

In “Voices for the Climate” CIP will have a stand where visitors can find out more about our work relating to climate change, such as the conservation of the genetic wealth of potatoes and sweetpotatoes, the breeding of varieties to deal with climatic stress, the use of methodologies and tools for evaluating and mitigating the impact of climate change, and other projects under way. Staff from our institution will be available to answer visitors’ questions, according to a schedule that will be published in the social networks.

CIP will also take part in several other events and exhibits. For example, it will have a stand in the Army Headquarters, in the district of San Borja, which is the official venue for the event and the international negotiation center; and several of our scientists will be participating in the meetings of the Global Landscapes Forum that will take place in the Westin Hotel, district of San Isidro, on December 6 and 7.

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The Mountains and Water Pavilion is an initiative to bring together a group of public and private institutions and international cooperation agencies to promote collective action and cooperation for COP20 and the legacy for the national climate agenda. For further information, please contact: or follow the hashtags #COP20 and #MountainPavilion