CIP sweetpotato projects to star in Shamba Shape Up: East Africa’s very own Complete Farm Makeover television series

The International Potato Center (CIP) and its sweetpotato initiatives will play a lead role in one of East Africa’s most popular TV shows, Shamba Shape Up in the next series to be aired in 2014. This reality TV show includes a farm make-over style aimed at increasing livelihoods for local farmers; and the next series will focus on the importance of sweetpotato with CIP experts lending a hand and helping to make a difference.

Shamba Shape Up is a reality, make-over style TV series targeting East Africa’s rapidly growing rural and peri-urban TV audience. The show aims to give both farmers and the audience the tools they need to improve productivity and income on their farms. “The next series will see CIP’s sweetpotato projects in Sub-Saharan Africa be a lead topic as we educate Shamba viewers about the orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP),” says Shamba Shape Up host, Tonny Njuguna.

Shamba Shape Up is the third “edu-tainment” production created by The Mediae Company and is the first of its kind in Kenya. Every week, the Shamba team visits a different farm across Kenya. Each episode focuses on a number of key agricultural issues – with topics including livestock, poultry, crops, soil fertility, solar power, and harvesting rainwater. This season OFSP will be one of the program’s star attractions.

CIP scientists are currently traversing the country providing expert advice on camera on all aspects of OFSP – from planting and nutrition to harvesting and marketing. Last week they visited farms in Nyeri, Central Kenya. CIP experts were filmed on site and they provided insight on how local farmers could incorporate OFSP within their farmlands, giving advice on how to do so effectively.

CIP is excited to be reaching such a large audience with an important OFSP message. Shamba Shape Up’s estimated audience in the first series was around 7 million viewers with this year’s number estimated to rise to 11 million by the end of series 3.

For further detail on Shamba Shape Up and to view past episodes of the show please visit the Shamba website at For more information on CIP’s Sweetpotato projects in Sub-Saharan Africa please visit our website at

Hilda Munyua and the director of Shamba Shape Up discuss OFSP vines


Kirimi Sindi with host Tonny Njuguna & Shamba farmer Anne discussing production and marketing of OFSP


Kirimi Sindi teaches host Tonny Njuguna and farmer Anne all about OFSP

Sammy Agili, CIP sweetpotato expert educates the audience on the nutritional benefits of OFSP

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