CIP to announce disaster risk reduction measures at Global Landscapes forum November 16

Climate Resilience through Sweetpotato (CReSP): Harnessing the power of the orange-fleshed sweet potato to aid vulnerable populations

PrintOn November 16 at the Global Landscapes Forum in Morocco, the International Potato Center team led by World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Maria Andrade will present an innovative program to help climate vulnerable countries prepare for inevitable weather shocks due to climate change using resilient nutritious orange-fleshed sweetpotato.



When droughts and floods threaten lives and livelihoods, nutrition must be

Devastation after typhoon Haiyun
Devastation after typhoon Haiyun

secured. To this end, CIP’s Climate Resilience through Sweetpotatoes Adaptation (CReSP) initiative supports countries and humanitarian organizations throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America in harnessing bio-fortified and resilient sweetpotatoes for effective disaster preparedness and responses.

CReSP builds upon the pioneering research on orange-fleshed sweet potato breeding and delivery to vulnerable populations in Africa – for which CIP scientists Jan Low, Robert Mwanga and Maria Andrade were awarded the 2016 World Food Prize. CIP is committed to increasing access to these successful technologies and capacities to address the need for climate change adaptation in vulnerable countries around the world.



Sweetpotato thriving after typhoon Haiyun when other crops failed.
Sweetpotato thriving after typhoon Haiyun when other crops failed.

The Global Landscapes forum held annually alongside the UN climate negotiations is a forum to discuss the multifunctional landscapes and land uses at the heart of the challenges associated with climate change and development. Bringing together thousands of negotiators, world leaders, researchers, civil society leaders, business leaders, practitioners and policymakers in agriculture, forestry and development,funding organizations, and media, the Global Landscapes Forum is the most influential event outside the UNFCCC COP.

CIP’s Launchpad presentation on CReSP will be held on Wednesday 16 November 2016 from 13:00 to 13:30. Presenters will include World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Maria Andrade, CIP Regional Director Dr. Adiel Mbabu, and CIP Sweetpotato Program Leader Dr. Simon Heck.



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