Request for proposal: Establishment of Polyhouse and Net houses in West Bengal

International Potato Center is spearheading the promotion of Apical Rooted Cutting (ARC) Technology to bolster local seed potato production in West Bengal, with support from the Department of Agriculture, West Bengal. The primary objective is to establish a durable infrastructure comprising naturally ventilated Polyhouses and Nethouses in the challenging hilly terrains of Darjeeling and Kalimpong Districts. These structures will facilitate the utilization of the extended winter and cooler conditions necessary for ARC production, thereby laying the groundwork for the state to achieve self-sufficiency in potato seed production.

Additionally, efforts are to be made to fortify the infrastructure in North Bengal for ARC-based seed production. This includes enhancing the existing TC labs at Mohitnagar and Medinapore by outfitting them with climate-controlled greenhouses, thus ensuring optimal conditions for seed production.

Publications dates

End date: April 22, 2024

Barun Raj