CIP releases new edition of Catalogue of Potato Varieties

image___en____previewFor its 4th edition, CIP’s Catalogue of Potato Varieties and Advanced Clones has been newly enriched and now lists 399 clones and 70 varieties developed by our institution. Another new feature is the French version – the catalogue was already available in English, Spanish and Chinese – while versions in Dutch, German, Portuguese and Russian are in the works for next year’s edition.

The 2013 Catalogue also provides more information on the advanced clones, pollen viability and flesh color. The hard copy comes with two leaflets, ‘Breeders’ Choice’ that presents heat-tolerant clones, and ‘Rainbow Choice’ that displays novel clones with red to dark purple colored flesh.

The clones are made available for worldwide distribution to potato research programs and other interested parties, including national programs, universities, producer associations and farmer communities, either for the direct selection of candidate varieties or for use as parental material.

The catalogue can be consulted online at

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