CIP Alumni Network

CIP Alumni Network

Since its inception in 1971, the International Potato Center (CIP) has hosted and trained hundreds of students at its headquarters in Lima, Peru, and in our regional offices around the world.

Over that time, CIP has offered a wide diversity of trainings, such as internships, scholarships, and field workshops, among many others. All these educational opportunities have served to develop knowledge and capacity in young professionals on topics related to root, tuber and food systems research.

Now in the year of our 50th anniversary, CIP is celebrating its accomplishments through a series of events to commemorate our achievements, but also to look forward to another half decade helping to improve lives and livelihoods for smallholder farmers and vulnerable families.

In that spirit, we are eager to keep contact with our students through a network of CIP alumni in which we can continue to exchange information, develop collaborative projects, and present seminars. You will be able to keep in touch with your peers, make new friends, and share your experiences.

If you have been a CIP student in the past, we invite you to be part of this network. If you are interested to join, please fill out the registration form with the information requested, and be sure to answer the consent question for the use of personal data.