Eladio Herrera Soto: We are moving forward thanks to the potato

Eladio Herrera Soto, 45
Chucmar Community, Cajamarca, Perú

The Chucmarina’s color and flavor are in demand in the markets of Northern Peru. They are great for frying because they require little oil. It saves you money. It can be stored up to four to five months without losing its flavor.

We are so proud that Peru is the top potato producer (in Latin America). We have a new opportunity for business and to enter the market directly without the need for middlemen. Our goal is to sell it in supermarkets.

Ten years from now at the entrance to our community I want to see a monument to our potato, the Chucmarina. Thanks to the potato our community is moving up. A few years ago we were living in extreme poverty. Now we can’t complain. We have what we need; we are moving forward thanks to the potato.

Twenty years ago I remember that we planted only the minimum. We had small family plots and harvested 100 to 200 kilos for our use. There was no transport, only horses. But now we have access to a road, and we can transport thousands of tons.

Before there were no roads if we planted thousands of tons, how would we get them out? My grandfather marvels at our family, at his grandchildren who have access to education and the means to buy a car. There are opportunities for advancement.

“Chucmarina (CIP 393371.58 – INIA 310) was developed by the Department of Crop Improvement of the International Potato Center (CIP) and released in Peru by Instituto Nacional de Inovacion Agraria (INIA) in 2007. It is obtained by the cross of CIP 387170.16 x CIP 389746.2. In addition to Peru, it is cultivated by farmers in Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Kenya.”