CIP Open Access Data Sprint



One of the important elements of Open Access is making sure that we

put the research data that we generate in the dataverse repository.

The CIP Open Access Data Sprint is a competition and a challenge designed

to encourage researchers to put data into CIP’s Dataverse.



To have a total of 100 datasets in Dataverse

by February 28th.



Reward divisions and individuals for

uploading qualified datasets



How will it work


  1. For every qualified dataset that an individual enters into Dataverse he or she will be given one point (in the case of multiple authors each author receives one point).
  2. Each point earns the author one entry into a raffle
  3. The winner of the raffle receives funding from the DDG-R&D to cover the cost of one Open Access article and the cost of one scientific conference (registration fees, transportation and lodging for a conference)
  4. The division with the most qualified datasets entered will receive funding for two Open Access articles to be distributed at the discretion of the program leader



  1. A qualified dataset (see Publishing Research Data) contains the following elements:
  • Completely proof checked data
  • Fully completed metadata
  • Completely defined elements and variables
  1. The time period for the completion is retroactive to September 1, 2016 and continues on until February 28, 2017



Data Sprint status:

This summary helps to visualize the datasets published in CIP’s Dataverse. The dashboard is updated in real time and researchers can explore the most important metrics from the data repository (