CIP Celebrates Dr. Mohinder Kadian’s Recognition at the 12th World Potato Congress

Adelaide, Australia, June 25, 2024 — The International Potato Center (CIP) is thrilled to announce that Dr. Mohinder Kadian has been honored with an Industry Award at the 12th World Potato Congress. The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 25, during the sold-out closing Gala Dinner held at the iconic Adelaide Oval, with over 800 attendees.

Dr. Kadian, whose professional journey began with CIP as an Associate Scientist in 1983, has devoted over four decades to advancing potato crop improvement in India and across South Asia, including Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. His extensive work in enhancing agronomic practices, developing and evaluating new potato varieties from CIP and CPRI, and improving seed potato production through the utility of True Potato Seed (TPS) has significantly benefited the potato farming community and the processing industry in the region.

Following his retirement in 2018, Dr. Kadian has continued his passionate pursuit of improving the socio-economic conditions of potato farmers in India. He is a Senior Consultant for CIP, contributing to multiple projects across ICAR, Karnataka, West Bengal, Haryana, Odisha, and Meghalaya.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Kadian has made significant field research contributions and published over 122 scientific papers. His dedication to potato research and development has earned him numerous prestigious awards, underscoring his substantial impact on the industry.

CIP extends heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Kadian for this well-deserved recognition and looks forward to his continued contributions to the global potato community.

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