Proposal to change the conserved type of Ipomoea, nom. cons. (Convolvulaceae)

Ipomoea L. is the largest (650–900 species, depending on the concept adopted) and most iconic genus in Convolvulaceae, a family of c. 1880 species (data from Staples, Convolvulaceae Unlimited, 2012 at: http//, including the important crop sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. (Tabl. Encycl. 1: 465. 1793), and several ornamental species commonly known as “bindweeds” or “morning glories” (Wilkin in Kew Bull. 54: 853–876. 1999; Mabberley, Mabberley’s Plant‐book. 2008). The genus has a long history of taxonomic and nomenclatural problems, mainly for the lack of a clear morphological circumscription and overlap with other genera. In his Species plantarum (1753), Linnaeus distinguished two genera, Convolvulus L. and Ipomoea, whose species suffered numerous re‐arrangements, between Ipomoea and Convolvulus, but especially into numerous more recently described genera, which amount today to a total of 60 (Staples in World Checklist of Vascular Plants, v.2.0. 2020, retrieved 2 Apr 2020).

Citation: Eserman, L.A., Sosef, M.S., Simão‐Bianchini, R., Utteridge, T.M., Barbosa, J.C., Buril, M.T., Chatrou, L.W., Clay, K., Delgado, G., Desquilbet, T.E., Ferreira, P.P., Grande Allende, J.R., Hernández, A.L., Huerta‐Ramos, G., Jarret, R.L., Kojima, R.K., Landrein, S., Lourenço, J.A., De Man, I., Miller, R.E., More, S., Moreira, A.L., Mwanga‐Mwanga, I., Nhanala, S., Pastore, M., Petrongari, F.S., Pisuttimarn, P., Pornpongrungrueng, P., Rifkin, J., Santos, F.D., Shimpale, V.B., Silva, S.S., Stinchcombe, J.R., Traiperm, P., Vasconcelos, L.V., Wang, M.L., Villordon, A., Yang, J., Yencho, G.C., Heider, B. and Simões, A.R.G. (2020), (2786) Proposal to change the conserved type of Ipomoea, nom. cons. (Convolvulaceae). TAXON. ISSN 1996-8175, v69: pp. 1369-1371.