Unleashing Potato’s Potential in Sudan. A Scoping Mission Report

CIP, in partnership with Orgamed Farms Ltd and Stokman Rozen Kenya conducted a scoping exercise to assess
private interest in seed production, and the potato sector and partners in general. This scoping report maps
partners relevant to potato development and provides an agro-ecological and socio-economic assessment of
potential areas for developing potato sector considering differing profiles of value chains: rural, food security
focused, urban, commercially driven. The scoping exercise shows great potential to uplift the potato sector to
transform the various value chains, and ultimately contribute to development goals to improve livelihoods of
Sudanese. Limited access to costly seed is the principal bottle to potato sector development, with the majority
of certified seed being imported and sold at 1.37 to 1.87 USD/kg, whereas commercial seed in East African
countries ranges from 0.5 to 0.6 USD/kg. As a result, market prices for potato for consumption are high, having
been observed as much as 2.20 USD/kg in rural markets, prohibitive for rural households to afford as a food
security crop. High production costs affecting supply prevent potato from reaching its potential to provide
income and economic development from household to regional levels, and contribute to food security at the
national level. At the same time, urbanization, change of dietary habits and removal of wheat import
subsidizes continue to drive demand of potato in Sudan. The scoping report will advise pathways to support
potato to reach its potential through creating opportunities for diverse partners, including national and
regional institutions, private sector, national NGOs, farmer organizations and microfinance institutions.

Citation: Simpson, H., Mikkola, J., and Parker, M. (2021) Unleashing Potato’s Potential in Sudan: A Scoping Mission Report. International Potato Center: Lima, Peru. ISBN 978-92-9060-605-5. 32 pp.
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