Assessing the complexity of potato and sweetpotato production systems

Complexity became a major scientific field in its own right as recently as 20 years ago. It arose from the cross-fertilization of ideas and tools from nonlinear science, statistical physics and numerical simulations. Agriculture and its interaction with the environment are often referred to as a complex systems; nonetheless, there is limited effort to take advantage of the complexity science and its tools to seek for solutions to the increasing complexity farmers face.

This theme will implement nonlinear science, statistical physics and numerical simulations to assess present and expected challenges of potato and sweetpotato based systems in a changing environment. It includes ten outputs comprising the validation and availability of growth models, assessing impact of climate variability, developing climate downscaling methods and climate interpolation algorithms, the development of RS-based statistics for target areas, web-based tools for visual 3D representation of land use scenarios, and methods for assessing agricultural-system changes.

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production, systems