Sweetpotato biscuit video commercial launched in Rwanda

The Sweetpotato Superfoods in Rwanda Project, part of CIP’s Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA) Project, was launched in collaboration with local partners, including SINA Gerard Enterprises. With SINA, the Project released the Akarabo Golden Power Biscuits in 2012. While the biscuits have known increasing levels of popularity since their market release, the new video, which features a song in Kinyarwanda –the main language spoken in Rwanda –, has now made Akarabo Golden Power Biscuits a national sensation.


SINA Gerard Enterprises produced the video and music, which features Caroline Sina – Gérard Sina’s daughter – along with a number of children currently studying at the SINA Gerard Foundation College. This educational institution is located in rural Rulindo, where the Akarabo Golden Power Biscuits are produced. As part of their drive to increase local livelihoods, SINA Gerard Enterprises subsidizes the education of all of the children from the area who attend the school.


The Sweetpotato Superfoods in Rwanda Project falls under SASHA’s broader, 10-year, multi-donor Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative (SPHI), which is expected to set the groundwork for improving the lives of 10 million Sub-Saharan households in 10 years.



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