International Phytosanitary Awareness Month

Lima, Peru

The Germplasm Health Units (GHU) of CGIAR centers teamed up to organize the ‘International Phytosanitary Awareness Month: Role of Germplasm Health Units (GHUs) in transboundary pest prevention in germplasm’ from November to December 2019.

The ultimate aim of this event organized under the auspice of the Genebank Platform is to increase awareness about the phytosanitary challenges and organizational responsibilities in ensuring distribution of healthy germplasm for food and agricultural R&D.

Activities include reaching out to researchers in CGIAR and national institutions to inform about the policy and procedures of international exchange of germplasm and biological materials, risks to seed health, CGIAR practices in germplasm exchange and showcase tools and technologies for germplasm health testing and phytosanitary controls. The seminars will be broadcasted globally and will be used to introduce our germplasm health policies to the scientists.