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Food Production Techniques, Emerging Technologies Support Rural Women’s Gains

October 17, 2016 By Amy Rogers Nazarov

Thoughts on the observation of International Rural Women’s Day — For centuries “women [have worked] hard to improve the lives of their families and communities through agriculture,” Mudege said. “They need access to markets and access to knowledge and finance to establish viable small-scale rural enterprises to create employment for themselves, as well as generate incomes. As a result, it is not what women can do but what can be done to add value to the efforts that women are already making.”

Day for Disaster Reduction touts root and tuber resilience

October 12, 2016 By Amy Rogers Nazarov

“Root and tuber crops (RTCs) [are] survival crops in times of food crises: during post-disaster periods (usually post-typhoon), lean months during monsoon season, and harvest failure caused by drought or pest infestation,” said Mavic Relayson, a CIP Philippines spokesperson. “Farmers and fisherfolk grow them, as they are easy to manage and require the least inputs. They have exhibited less vulnerability to extreme weather conditions because they grow underground.”

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